• Introducing CareerFusion 2

    Your Future Begins Here!

    The Original

    CareerFusion was the original professional and personal growth retreat in dentistry. For more than a decade, we've been preparing dental professionals – primarily dental hygienists and dental assistants – for life after the treatment room.


    Today, CareerFusion 2 is focused on helping you achieve success and fulfillment no matter where you are on the "career continuum."

    Because Everyone Needs a Mentor

    CareerFusion 2 is a dedicated group of multi-generational, inter-disciplinary thought-leaders, coaches and mentors who help their clinical colleagues achieve professional development, personal growth and optimal life balance during each phase of their careers.

    Because Everyone Needs a Plan

    CareerFusion 2 is where you can learn how to actively explore your options, and work towards your goals - rather than talk just about them.


    Our coaches, instructors and keynote speakers have been there, done that and can help you do the same.

    Because Everyone Needs an Excel Strategy

    How can you be the best You that You can be? How can you maintain high standards while on the job or with your loved ones?


    The legendary CareerFusion Discover You Retreat has been re-engineered to help you excel if you want to be a better clinician, team member, or patient health advocate. and when you're ready to parlay your work and life experience into a new exciting chapter.

    Because Everyone Needs a Plan B

    You may be asking yourself" "Is there life after clinical practice?" "Is there a way to gradually move into another career?" Can my next chapter be my best chapter?


    The answers are yes, yes and yes!


    CareerFusion 2 will introduce you to exciting new non-clinical opportunities and help you develop the skills you'll need before you turn off the clinical exit ramp!

    That's Why You Need to Reserve Your Seat

    for the Discover YOU Retreat!

    Every January in Daytona Beach, Florida, is when the CareerFusion Discover YOU Retreat occurs. The event is conducted over 4.5-days and is designed to refine and add skills to enhance your present situation while experiencing networking in a unique and supportive atmosphere. Membership benefits extend out for the remainder of the year.​ Click here for more details!

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